Complete 5 Financial Analysis Classmate Repsonse Posts


  1. Airplane Fuel- Variable –Gas prices go up and down daily
  2. Flight attendant salaries-Fixed- Each airline sets aside a budget for salaries
  3. Baggage handlers salaries- Fixed- Each airline sets aside a budget for salaries
  4. In-flight meals- variable- Some people on flights and some don’t.
  5. Pilots salaries- Fixed- Each airline sets aside a budget for salaries
  6. Airplane depreciation- Variable- Depends on the airline
  7. Advertising- Variable- During different time of the year and advertise more due to holidays or different events.


1. $8,500 Returns x $5.00 per return = $41,000 expected costs

  $56,880 actual cost – $41,500 expected cost = 15,380 Variance

2. 60/15 = 4 per hour

4 x 8 hours = 32 returns a day

32 x 5 weekdays = 160 returns per auditor

160 x 4 weeks = 640 per month

8300 returns processed/ 640 returns per month = 13 auditors

18 auditors – 13 needed auditors = 5 auditors that aren’t needed and can be transferred

3. The variance is most likely due to the lack of experience, job experience and efficiency of the newer auditors as opposed to the saltier auditors. The less experienced auditors may require extended onboarding and or training. There may also be the issue of incentive for the auditors to complete the work on time. Incentive policies can be positive or negative in nature, and management could use this as a tool.

4. Alternative cost drivers may be tied up in the amount of personnel that need to amend their tax forms, as well as software issues. This may include actual non-working problems, or newer software that requires familiarity training.



Cost Driver

Fixed, Variable or Mixed


Airplane Fuel

Oil Prices


The oil prices can fluctuate based on market forces that is not in the control of the airlines.

Flight Attendants’ Salaries

Labor cost


Salaries of the attendants are fixed however they also get bonuses based on miles travelled and other overtime work.

Baggage Handlers’ Salaries

Labor Cost


Salaries of the baggage handlers are fixed however they also get bonuses based on overtime work during heavy travel seasons.

In-Flight Meals

Contract with Vendors


Most airlines have long term contracts with vendors who supply meals to them. This guarantees a fixed cost for a long period of time.

Pilots’ Salaries

Labor cost


Salaries of the attendants are fixed however they also get bonuses based on miles travelled and other overtime work.

Airplane Depreciation

Valuation Cost


Depreciation of airplane is calculated yearly on a fixed rate.


Advertising costs


Budgets for advertising are normally fixed based on analysis.

I previously worked in child welfare for over 10 years. During that time, one of my duties was to supervise foster care workers.  I would have to assign foster care workers to trainees so that they could complete the second part of their new hire training.  This included the trainee observing the case worker throughout the day for three weeks.  During those three weeks, the trainee would shadow the case worker as the caseworker performed all of the duties involved in the position.  The trainee was also able to carry a small caseload to provide foster case case management services to foster children.  Each foster child placed in the agency represented a certain dollar amount of revenue to the agency.  Each foster care worker could only carry 10 foster care cases and if there was a trainee that made it possible for the agency to accept three additional foster children per trainee.  The problem is that it takes 8 weeks of training at a location about 1.5 hours away from the trainee’s home location.  Although the agency is reimbursed by the state for most of the costs associated with the eight week training, the agency has to wait 8 weeks for an employee that they have already hired.  The training is not entirely relevant to the specific duties that the case workers perform and it would be more cost effective if the training was more condensed and some could be done through E-Learning.  A CVP analysis would determine if it would be more cost effective to put new hires in place sooner so that more children could be placed.

With me working in an agency for Social Services, I don’t really have anything related to Cost-Volume-Profit. I mostly work with processing government assistance for the public in Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio.

If I would have to come up with a CVP, it would be related to me selling popular name brand tennis shoes, such as Air Maxx Nike’s,  Jordan’s and  New Balance, just to name a few. In my spare time, I love to collect gym shoes, and some may call me a sneaker head.  

Manufacture would sale for:  $80

Packaging would be: $10

A person would buy (example) 2 per at a time

The Cost for a pair of Air Maxx would sell for: $180.00 per pair (in the store)

The Volume would be:  25 per month

The Profit would be:  $80 x 25(volume) = $2,000/per month

Total Cost:  10 + ($80 x 2)

TC:  160 + 10

TC: 170

Total Revenue = sale price x number of units

TR: $180 X 25/units

TR: $4,500

Profit (loss)

P = $4,500 – 170

P = 4,330

The profit would be $4,330

This has opened my eyes to what I could actually make off of selling shoes.


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