Comparing plato’s cave and the matrix

For your first Philosophy Chat, try to find someone who has seen the movie The Matrix.  (You might want to try watching the movie yourself, or at least the first 30 minutes.)

Explain the story of Plato’s Cave,  how it relates to education, and the conception of knowledge Plato outlines.  Have a 10 minute conversation. 

Write at least 500 words explaining the course material you discussed and reflecting on the conversation.  By ‘reflecting,’ I mean that you should not recount what each person said, but instead explain what the conversation meant, what you learned, and whether you think the chat was successful.  You can define what you think counts as success. 

Please remember, the purpose of this assignment is to deepen your understanding of the material (often best accomplished by teaching it to someone else), practice philosophical dialogue, and demonstrate what you’ve learned.