Community health case 4 | Education homework help



For this Case Assignment, you will expand your understanding of core public health roles, specifically nutrition. Please answer these questions:

  1. Discuss the differences in the role of public health in the prevention of infectious diseases and chronic diseases. In your opinion, which will be more important to the health of our nations over the next 20 to 30 years?
  2. Discuss and explain the role of prevention in fighting and controlling the spread of chronic diseases and the impact of chronic diseases on health care spending.
  3. Discuss the core public health responsibilities and how they have had an impact on nutritional issues in America, including obesity and diabetes. Do you believe that they have been effectively or ineffectively managed by public health agencies? Define and discuss the role of State government in this area and how it differs from that of the Federal government.
  4. How do community nutritionists, public health nutritionist, and clinical nutritionist differ?
  5. Why is nutrition important in health and disease treatment, control, and prevention and how is nutrition related to any of the Social Determinants of Health?
  6. Which organizations are involved in public health nutrition? Of the organizations identified which one has the most influence over public policy for public health nutrition? Please justify your response.

Length: Your paper should be 5-6 pages, APA format. include 5-7 peer-reviewed reference & citations

(see attachment for required resources to be used in the paper)