Communication in healthcare | Nursing homework help

You’ve had a chance to review the “start here” sequence that gives an overview of the course design. You also had an opportunity to review the course learning outcomes. Take a moment and review these outcomes.

  • Which outcomes do you have familiarity with already?
  • What previous knowledge do you have that you bring with you into this course?
  • What professional experience connects with the learning outcomes? 

There’s no need to answer every question or address each learning outcome. Rather, focus on one question and the learning outcome(s) that stand out to you the most. In your post, introduce yourself and let your peers know about your professional experience in no more than one sentence, e.g., “I’m Dr. Estee Beck, and I have 12-years experience with teaching undergraduate and graduate students.” 

Learning Outcomes
  • Recall basic conventions for common professional and technical documents when prompted in a workplace setting
  • Identify distinctions of the varying information needs of primary and secondary audiences, document design principles, and conventional genres
  • Implement technical writing standards to professional and technical documents in order to meet and/or exceed workplace norms
  • Analyze professional writing styles in professional and technical documentation
  • Evaluate professional and technical documents for readability effectiveness in order to approve or revise documents for readers in workplace settings 
  • Compose professional and technical documents for diverse audiences in order to meet primary and secondary audience information needs
  • Design professional and technical documents using navigation aids and information design principles in order to help readers easily locate, understand, and retain information