client business and assessing risk ( case study )

( case study )

by reference to Dell website , answer the following questions :- 

  • Part (A) 

  1. What are Dell’s products?
  2. Who are Dell’s competitors?
  3. Who are Dell’s customers?
  4. Who are Dell’s suppliers?
  5. How does Dell market and distribute its products?
  6. What is Dell’s basic business strategy (cost leadership or differentiation)?
  7. What are critical business processes for Dell given its basic business strategy  (for example, supply chain management)?

  • Part (B)

 Professional auditing standards provide guidance on the auditor’s consideration  of an entity’sbusiness risks. What is the auditor’s objective for understanding an entity’s business risks? Why does an auditor not have responsibility to identify or assess all business risks? Provide some examples of business risks associated with an entity that an auditor should consider when performing an audit?

Requirements :- 

1- the total words ( 2000 words)  for all questions. 

2- free plagiarism 

3- the source of the case study is ( Auditing Cases book )

4- you can use the manual solutions of the book but must expand the answers by more information and pharphrase them  and use own your words . 

this is munual solustions  for the book [url=][/url]

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