Choosing a professional role | PSYC 4010 – Psychology Capstone | Walden University

For this Assignment, think about the various occupations within the field of psychology, and choose one that most interests you. Refer to Appleby, Millspaugh, and Hammersley (2011) and Appleby (2015), as well as your own research. If you are interested in an area not mentioned in the referenced articles, please discuss this with your Instructor before moving forward.

To Complete this Assignment:

By Day 7

Submit a 1- to 2-page paper that introduces your chosen professional occupation, explaining what it is and why it interests you. Using information gathered from your research, provide a description of the knowledge, skills, and characteristics one would need to be successful in this position. Summarize some of the tasks you might be expected to perform. Discuss what additional schooling, if any, is needed for this occupation.