choose a famous person with voice disorder and describe his/her voice



Overall Description: choose a “famous person” with or without a voice disorder and will individually complete a 1 to 2 page paper, which includes details about the famous person’s voice and voice fingerprint.  The goal of this project is to apply information learned in class about the voice and voice disorders to a more general context of the media.

Please address the following in your paper:

·  Brief description about your famous person’s voice.  Indicate if the person has a typical voice or voice disorder (may be documented/official or your impressions).  What is acceptable or unacceptable about his/her voice?  How does he/she use their voice?  What is his/her profession?  Has the person received voice therapy or had surgery that may affect their voice?

·  Inclusion of Voice Fingerprint Information with specific examples.  A person’s voice fingerprint is a distinctive set or combination of behaviors that identify one voice from another.

  1. Number of words a person says in one breath – approximately 15 words per breath.
  1. How fast a person speaks (typical rate is 150 wpm).
  2. Rhythm of speech – number of words + rate contribute to speech rhythm; prosody.
  1. Ease in breathing – struggle vs. run out of air vs. sufficient air.
  2. Voice pitch – how high or low the person’s voice is.
  3. Loudness – speaking loudly or softly.
  4. Relaxation or tension in the person’s voice?
  5. Mood or state.
  6. Clarity of articulation.
  7. Resonation – related to the position of the person’s tongue.

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