Chapter 6 | Criminal homework help

 1. Should the government control the possession of guns or be able to restrict certain types of firearms? What about large capacity magazines?

2. Does the Brady Act serve a legitimate function?

3. Considering the history behind the drafting of the Second Amendment, can any original interpretations reasonably be used today? If so, how?

4. In Great Britain, police officers do not routinely carry firearms because, among other reasons, firearms are not considered the public threat they are elsewhere. Could this ever occur in the United States?

5. Would having severe penalties for gun violations help reduce gun violence? Should the law make the reward not worth the risk? 

 6. What makes more sense to you: restricting guns altogether or restricting who has access to guns?In other words, should legislation and enforcement efforts focus on the gun or on the individual? 

 7. Is a “cooling off” period for gun permits reasonable? 

 8. Does regulating handguns but not rifles and shotguns make sense?  

9. Most “mass casualty” shootings are over quickly, even before police can arrive. In light of this reality, does it make sense to allow citizens to arm themselves? What impact does terrorism have on your response to this question? 

10. Rewrite the Second Amendment as though you were asked to address contemporary concerns.