Case study: introduction to qualitative research | RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE

(line 1) When I was bathing, I found a hard spot in my breast. I think my heart stopped and I (line 2) began sobbing. I felt as if I was dying and I started crying [participant has tears in her eyes]. (line 3) Finally, I told myself that it could be nothing and made myself finish bathing. It was late at night so I (line 4) knew that if I called the doctor’s office, there would be no answer. So, I waited…that was a (line 5) miserable night. My husband was gone and I was all alone…..except for God. I fell asleep praying to (line 6) God that what I had found would end up being nothing. I woke up the next morning, feeling like (line 7) I had been beaten because I hurt in every part of my body…where my heart was supposed to be (line 8) [participant places hand over her heart] felt like a big hole. I called the doctor’s office at 8 am (line 9) and told the person who answered that I had to see the doctor. She said I could have an (line 10) appointment in 2 weeks. I told her that I had found a lump and I thought I would go mad if I had to wait (line 11) 2 weeks. She put me on hold and went to see what could be done. I sat and prayed and waited. (line 12) When she came back on the line, she said that the nurse practitioner would see me at 11 am. (line 13) I hung up and realized that it was Monday and I was supposed to be at work. I called the (line 14) office and told the manager that I had an emergency and could not come in today. I could not (line 15) bring myself to say what the emergency was….I was not ready for anyone to know. If someone (line 16) else knew, it might be real and I wanted it all to be a bad dream that would be over soon. (line 17) I don’t remember what I did until 10 am when it was time to leave for the doctor’s clinic. I (line 18) arrived early and sat in the waiting room turning the pages of a magazine….it must have been (line 19) an hour before the nurse came to the waiting room and called my name. (line 20) I sat down in the exam room and began to cry. The nurse practitioner had not come in (line 21) yet….she was surprised to see me crying when she opened my door. The first words out of my (line 22) mouth were that my mother had died last year from breast cancer and I found a lump in my (line 23) breast. The next thing I remember I was being given a sedative. The nurse had gotten the (line 24) number of a friend from my telephone and called my friend to come to the doctor’s office to pick (line 25) me up. I knew the friend I told them to call was a kind soul and she would not ask a lot of (line 26) questions but drop what she was doing to come. (line 27) The doctor came in when I was drifting in and out of sleep on the table. My breast was (line 28) uncovered and the nurse had washed and washed it to get it all ready. I could not hold my eyes (line 29) open….I was so sleepy…but I wanted her to cover my breast. I felt naked and did not want (line 30) everyone coming in and out to see my breast. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, (line 31) there was a bandage on my breast and it hurt so bad. The nurse said I could go… friend was (line 32) here to take me home…I could not think…and she helped me up and led me to where my friend (line 33) was waiting…I had tears running down my face….I could not seem to stop crying. My friend (line 34) took my hand and led me to her car….just then I realized I drove my car and had no way of (line 35) getting it home. She said not to worry…she would take care of it. (line 36) At home, my friend asked if I had called my husband…I started crying again….how would I (line 37) ever tell him…I did not even know the diagnosis yet. I knew he would be so worried and rush (line 38) home…but we needed his job. I said I would wait until I knew something…then I thought how (line 39) mad my husband would be that I had not called. But I knew he would worry and be driving (line 40) home all worried and might get in a crash…I would never be able to stand that. (line 41) The medicine the doctor gave me was very strong and all I wanted to do was sleep. I (line 42) woke up and it was dark in my room and my husband was sitting on my bed. I asked him how he got (line 43) there and he said my friend had called and said I needed him…I started crying again…I thought (line 44) all my tears were gone but they kept coming…(line 45) I must have fallen asleep again because I woke up when the telephone rang. My husband (line 46) answered and handed the phone to me. It was the doctor. He tried to be nice but I knew it was (line 47) bad news….he said I should come in the morning to the hospital so they could run some more (line 48) tests…I was glad for the medicine the doctor gave me for pain…I hung up and took another pill. (line 49) I was too tired to think and just wanted to cry.

Question 1

Review the case study and mark the words that indicate an emotion or a behavior related to an emotion experienced by the woman. Make a note of the line number in which the word occurs.

Question 2

List probes or statements the interviewer might use to keep the woman talking about being diagnosed.

Question 3

In the case study, the qualitative approach was identified to be exploratory-descriptive qualitative with the inference that the interview had been done recently. What additional sources of data would you collect if the qualitative approach used in the study had been historical with the aim of describing the oncology nurse’s role in the 1960s?

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Create a strategic sales plan

Create a strategic sales plan | Education homework help



Assignment Content

  1. Competencies
    1. Distinguish between traditional, personal, and strategic selling.
    2. Create a strategic sales plan.
    3. Apply customer service skills before, during, and after a sale.
    4. Describe the key functions of managing a salesforce.
    5. Apply management strategies to a business-to-business (B2B) salesforce.
    6. Select appropriate software platforms for sales management and customer relationship management (CRM).
    7. Student Success Criteria
      View the grading rubric for this deliverable by selecting the “This item is graded with a rubric” link, which is located in the Details & Information pane.
      You are one of the founders of a family-run business that offers bookkeeping for small businesses in your tri-state area. Your business has been level for many years, and you have a strong, healthy relationship with your clients. Many of your clients have been with you for over 10 years, and your new clients almost exclusively have come from word-of-mouth promotion from current, satisfied customers.
      You want to expand the services you offer to include payroll and accounting beyond bookkeeping. You  have heard from your current clients that they need assistance with those two services for their business to grow, but you have been hesitant until this last year. In the last 18 months, you have a family member that has passed the CPA exam and remains a vital employee. She has expressed interest in being more involved and leading the payroll and accounting business, but she is not very well-versed in sales.
      Your sales staff has historically been the family, plus the bookkeeping staff. Your main job at the company has been in customer relations and hiring. There are 4 family members working full-time (including the new CPA), as well as 3 bookkeepers. You have 27 business that you consider your main customers, and you have about 2-3 new customers every year or two. There is also a natural attrition of about that same amount every couple of years as well.
      As the co-founder and managing partner of your business, you are in charge of this new project. You will be the primary researcher, and you have decided to present a comprehensive strategic sales plan to the other owners, the new CPA, and the bookkeepers.
      As managing partner you have decided to create a strategic sales plan to share your findings and the proposal using a PowerPoint presentation. Before presenting, you will share with the other co-founders using a PowerPoint with detailed presentation notes to mimic your narration for their approval. Your goals will be to expand the services you offer to current customers, and to create a prospecting list of new customers that can use the full bundle of services you can now offer.
      You decided it will be important to include the following:
    • Introduce the launch of the new payroll and accounting services to the employees emphasizing the selling style you expect to implement.
    • Outline how the sales program impacts personnel needs and the employee hierarchy. (For example: Will you hire a dedicated sales staff?)
    • Identify management strategy/ies being implemented to meet the goals.
    • Explain the structure of the sales compensation plan.
    • Incorporate how you will compensate the bookkeepers that help convert current customers to the new bundle of services.
    • Emphasize the role of customer service.
    • Express the value of customer service for this expansion.
    • Integrate the use of communication and psychological expertise and problem-solving skills.
    • Explain how customer data will be collected and shared.
    • Include your  recommendation whether a CRM system needs to be purchased and integrated for your business to grow and for information to be shared with the full team.
    • Establish metrics to evaluate the success of the sales plan.
    • Incorporate both qualitative and quantitative.
    • Include your  recommendation whether a CRM syste m needs to be purchased and integrated for your business to grow and for information to be shared with the full team.

Mr. and mrs. kim, a couple in their late 50s, are concerned about


Mr. and Mrs. Kim, a couple in their late 50s, are concerned about their son, John, who is 14 years old. John is a tall, outgoing, cheerful-appearing adolescent, who is nevertheless nervous about having his parents accompany him as they seek advice about his possible problems. Mr. and Mrs. Kim have no other children.

John’s penis and testicles are small for a 14-year-old. His testicles have not matured with puberty, and retain the appearance of those of a child. Mr. Kim says that John has gotten into trouble with school authorities over fighting with other boys in gym class and in the school hallways. This is a new problem during the current school year, but there have been other behavioral difficulties earlier in John’s school career.

“People make fun of me,” John says. “I’m getting tired of it.”

On examination, it is noted that John’s legs are exceptionally long in proportion to his trunk, which is short and stocky. In addition to the small testicles and penis, John has gynecomastia. His facial features are those of a normal 14-year-old.

Mrs. Kim says little, but is clearly very agitated about her son. Mr. Kim does most of the talking, and he seems baffled and embarrassed. Extended history for the Kim family identifies no health problems with either parent. Mrs. Kim was 43 years old when she gave birth to John.

John is scheduled for lab tests to determine his hormone levels and also to have chromosomal testing.


1.     What is the likely diagnosis for John?

   A. Fragile X syndrome

   B. Klinefelter syndrome

   C. Down syndrome

   D. Turner syndrome

2.     What is the genetic mechanism responsible for John’s condition?

A.   Sex chromosome non-disjunction

B.   Autosomal non-disjunction

C.   Deletion of one X chromosome

D.   Presence of extra Y chromosome

3.     What recommendations would be made for John and his parents?

   A. Male hormone treatment

   B. Psychological counseling

   C. A support group

   D. All of the above

4.     If John undergoes genetic testing, what will it show?

It will show an extra x chromosome for John.

5.     Which of the following medical treatment is appropriate for John?

A.   Estrogen treatment

B.   Testosterone treatment

C.   Progesterone treatment

D.   No treatment required

6.     Which is a common feature in a patient with Klinefelter syndrome?

A.   Cryptorchidism

B.   Hyperandrogenism

C.   Precocious puberty

D.   Testicular atrophy

7.     Which of the following is associated with this disorder?

A.   Normal IQ

B.   Gynecomastia

C.   Webbed neck

D.   Coarctation of aorta

8.     Why do patients like John need to be followed for many years?

A.   They may develop schizophrenia

B.   Risk of breast cancer

C.   Risk of endocarditis

D.   Risk of peripheral vascular disease

9.    What type of disorder is this?

A.   Autosomal dominant

B.   X-linked dominant

C.   X-linked recessive

D.   Chromosomal disorder

10. Mention a similar condition related to X chromosome that affects females.

Multiple questions 200 words required for each

1). Define project process and how organizations benefit from adopting those processes oriented toward customer satisfaction


You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 200 words.To support your response you are required to provide at least one supporting reference with proper citation.

2)Assignment 2:  How do you Gather requirements for a project?

3)Assignment 3:  How do you Monitor and control the risks?

4)Please answer all questions, one page per question, 20 points each answer

1. Provide examples of projects, and understand different types of projects pertaining to various industries

2. Describe various tools that are available for project managers

3. How do you gather requirements for a project?

4. How do you prepare and write a project scope?

5. How do you monitor and control the risks ?

5)How would you identify slack in projects?

6)Define cost of quality

7)How would you identify and measure cost variances and earned value management?

8)Why is knowledge management in projects important?

9)There are 5 questions, each one is worth 20 points. Best of Luck! Please make sure each answer is at least 100-150 words.

1. How do you measure project value, project performance, and project scope?

2.How do you identify slack in projects and why is it important?

3. How do you identify and measure cost variances and earned value management?

4. Why is knowledge management in projects important?

5. Why is people management important in projects and how would you perform it?

Article research paper | Article writing homework help

Read the attached PDF article entitled, “How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit Marketing: Six Pending Areas Research Areas” 


The six pending research areas mentioned in the article are:


1) Fosters disintermediation

2) Aids in combatting click fraud,

3) Reinforces trust and transparency,

4) Enables enhanced privacy protection,

4) empowers security, and

6) Enables creative loyalty programs.

After reading the article in full, select one of the mentioned six areas above of research and write an article reflection minimum 8-9 maximum page paper identifying the following;

1) Describe and provide the overall research area mentioned in the article in a synopsis

2) What did the article state in how Blockchain can benefit that marketing area overall?

3) What further research did the article recommend?

4) What do you think can be the approach to further research the topic? What approach would you recommend to take and what type of research method would make sense?

5) What is an example of a company that you believe would benefit from this type of research and why?

6) Outside of Blockchain, what other pieces of marketing technology can help this area?

7) What do you recommend is the best way to approach for a company to implement this area of research into their company?

NOTE: for all the questions above, just pick one research area, and first part- give summary and  stick to the same topic while answering all the 7 questions. Choose a company and relate that area to the company. 

title and reference page is saparate

500 words | Article writing homework help

PART A: You will create a media piece based around the theme of “alternative facts.

Fake News: Create a series of 3 short, “fake news” articles or news videos. They should follow a specific theme. Make sure to have a clear understanding of WHY your fake news is being created (fake news is used by people, groups, companies, etc to convince an unsuspecting audience of something. It’s supposed to seem real, but the motivation behind it is to deceive. As part of this option, consider what your motivations are for your deception).

Part A:  should be around 750 words for written tasks (or 250 for each 3 part task)


The focus for this assignment is to demonstrate a clear understanding of media conventions, as well as purpose and audience. Therefore, along with your media product, you’ll also be required to submit a short reflection detailing why you created your product and for whom it was intended. You must discuss and analyze the elements within your media product (including why & how you used the persuasive techniques of ethos, logos and pathos) as well as the other elements of media you used and why.

Ethical considerations in your research

For this discussion activity you will:

  1. State your research topic and purpose.
  2. State your research question(s).
  3. List and label the variables as independent, dependent, intervening, or moderating.
  4. State your hypothesis.
  5. Describe the potential ethical issues that you would need to consider in conducting your research. Be specific in rating the issues to the details of your study.
  6. Describe how you would address the identified ethical issues.

Select two of the following components of working capital management:

select two of the following components of working capital management: the cash conversion cycle, the cash budget, inventory management, and credit policies. Think about scenarios in which your selected topics were important for informing decision making. 


  • Explain how the first selected topic impacted an organizational decision.
  • Explain how the second selected topic impacted an organizational decision.

1. Student provides a thorough and evidenced-based analysis explaining how one component of working capital management (either cash conversion cycle, the cash budget, inventory management, or credit policies) has impacted an organizational decision, and provides a rationale as to why the organizational decision was impacted. 

2. Student provides a thorough and evidenced-based analysis explaining how a second component of working capital management (either cash conversion cycle, the cash budget, inventory management, or credit policies) has impacted an organizational decision, and provides a rationale as to why the organizational decision was impacted. 

3. Student effectively and directly integrates discussion/assignment content with relevant and compelling personal experiences, additional research, or current events from credible news sources. Specifically adds a new and/or different insight or perspective on the subject area(s) being discussed or treated in the assignment. 

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