Case Study

Michelle Sargol, a 17 year old, offers to pay $9,000.00 for a particular car located on John Weber’s car lot. Weber accepts Sargol’s offer and promises to transfer title next week, at which time Sargol will pay for the car. The next day, Laura Kavanaugh visits the car lot and offers to pay Weber $10,000.00 for the same car. (1) Can Weber accept Kavanaugh’s offer? Why/why not? (Hint – your answer should work through the facts of the question step-by-step and apply the applicable rules of law as you go.) (2) What area of law is involved? (3) If there is a valid contract among any of the parties, what type of contract is it? (4) Are there any other considerations that should be taken into account regarding the formation of a contract or what happens if there is a breach? (Suggested page limit: two to three pages)

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