Case analysis | Psychology homework help



Each student will present a case to the class. The case summary should include a visual rendering in the form of a Genogram and other pertinent information about the student’s case.  The case may be an example of micro, mezzo or macro level social work practice.  Essentially, the case analysis need to include Generalist Practice Assessment and “Intake” information on the client (e.g., presenting problem (s); client profile including age, living situation, marital/partner status, children, current work situation, education, etc.; history of presenting problems; past psychiatric history; substance use/abuse; and history including where person was reared, extended family and relationships, friends, marital/partner history, etc.; relevant family history; medical history; mental status information; possible defense mechanisms client may be using; cultural oppression, discriminatory, and spiritual considerations). 

Points to be discussed include:

  1. Record pertinent information-demographic data, educational/work background, family constellation, history, medical information, related religious and cultural influences (Gender, Race, Ability, Sexuality, Spirituality, Nationality, Generation/Age).
  2. List initial problems as seen by all related to the case-client, referral person, family and you.
  3. Give a succinct analysis of the client’s problem as you see it and identify his/her personal strengths and limitations for solving the problem, as well as resources available to the client.
  4. Identify the purpose of your work with the client’s personal goals, those established with you, your own goals, etc.
  5. Describe what has gone on thus far in your work with the client-the interventions and responses.
  6. Identify related questions you wish the seminar to discuss, issues which you believe this situation illustrates, or difficulties with which you wish some
  7. Genogram and Ecomap