Case analysis | Business & Finance homework help

-Need it by Thursday at 2 pm in Pacific Time Zone.


Read the attached Case on Big Skinny and submit a word document containing the following:

Section one:  Summary of the Case

Write a synopsis of the case highlighting key elements of the case (Minimum 200 Words)

Section two: Case Questions

     ~What should Kiril focus on next? What should be his lowest priority? Why? (Minimum 150 words)

     ~Evaluate Big Skinny’s sponsored search strategy. Are their search keywords for which you would encourage Big Skinny to increase its bid? To Lower its bid? (Minimum 200 words)

     ~How effectively is Big Skinny using social media to sell its wallets? (Minimum 150 words

     ~Should Big Skinny expand its partnerships with online distributors? Why or Why not? (Minimum 100 words)

Section three: Takeaways

What are your takeaways from this case? How can you use the takeaways from this case as you prepare to move forward in your career? (Minimum 100 Words)