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Please read the following instructions and govern yourselves accordingly.

Healthcare Systems/Hospital Mergers and Acquisitions

What do you know about what happens when large health care systems merge in America?  In the strategic management of these organizations, leaders came to the decision that a merger was the next ‘best’ move.

Write up some background information on the topic area. Include some data on number of mergers over the last 10 years. Select one of the following mergers below and research and review the arrangement between the two groups. Or, you may select a merger that you may be more familiar with for discussion. 

What is the history of this particular merger? Identify some of the factors that led to the discussions of a possible need for a merger. What were some of the major challenges? Who were the major stakeholders involved in the discussions? What was needed to gain buy-in? How were consumers represented at these discussions? How long did it take to broker the deal? What impact will the merger have on the service/catchment area(s) and on the services provided? How might these mergers impact competitors, healthcare costs, the concept of value based care, ratings, etc.? Make the connection; mergers, strategy, strategic management, and marketing.

  1. Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health Merger
  2. Mountain States Health Alliance & Wellmont Health System Merger
  3. Advocate Healthcare and Aurora Healthcare Merger

Please be sure to cite your sources.  Please use APA format.  If you are unfamiliar please go to:

Please create a cover page but you do not need to write an abstract for this assignment. Please review your work and watch out for basic errors in writing.  Please include a Works Cited/References page.