Capstone project, discussion board post

In 500 words, briefly, present your project with the preliminary results obtained during implementation. Please include at least 2 references. This is for a discussion board post


I’m working on a capstone project aimed at improving oral health in older adults living independently. The research program consisted of a comprehensive oral health education and intervention program that was implemented in older adults leaving independently. The program included educational sessions on proper oral hygiene techniques, dental checkup, and the importance of a healthy diet for oral health.

Final data has not been processed completely but, After the program was implemented, we observed several positive outcomes. We observed improvement in oral health status, reduction in the prevalence of periodontal disease, and gum disease. We observed an improvement in the quality of life of older adults. Many of the participants reported feeling more confident about their oral health, experiencing less pain and discomfort, and being able to enjoy their meals better. Something that we might see long term if they continue to follow the oral health plan we might observe a reduction in healthcare costs associated with oral health problems. 

Overall, our research program has demonstrated that a comprehensive oral health education and intervention program can improve the oral health status and quality of life of older adults. 

Attached is a copy of the project if needed for reference