Capstone assignment crju 326 week 13


Capstone Assignment

Research Capstone Assignment:  After reviewing the attached video and other resources for your research on the Central Park Five case, identify the violations of criminal procedure and Constitutional rights that are glaring.  The documentary, “When They See Us” can be used as one resource.  In your review look closely at the major steps in the processing of this criminal case:  1) investigation of the crime by the police, 2)  Arrest of a suspect by police, 3)  Prosecution of a criminal defendant by a district attorney, 4) indictment by a grand jury or the filing of an information by a prosecutor, 5) arraignment by a judge, 6) pretrial detention and/or bail, 7) plea bargaining, 8) trial/adjudication of guilt, 9) sentencing, 10) appeals, and 11) punishment and/or rehabilitation.

Your paper must be (8) pages and completed in APA format (cover and bibliography included).