Can someone make this powerpoint?

  1. You have been asked to help your company’s senior management decide whether to outsource security or keep the security function within the firm. Search the Web to find information to help you decide whether to outsource security and to locate security outsourcing services. Then use Microsoft PowerPoint to prepare an electronic presentation for the senior management. Your presentation should contain the following elements: 

a)A title slide with proper title and your name.

b)Summarize the arguments for and against outsourcing computer security for your company (using two slides).

c)Select two firms that offer computer security outsourcing service, and compare their services (using two slides).

d)Make the case on whether or not your company should outsource computer security (using two slides).  If you believe your company should outsource, identify which security outsourcing service you selected and justify your recommendation (using two slides). If you believe your company should not outsource, suggest some security measures that should be implemented in your firm’s systems (using two slides).  

Heres a little info I found:

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