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Organizational change is defined as the adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization (Daft, 2016).  Forces for change exist in both the external environment and within the organization.  External forces originate in all environmental sectors including customers, competitors, technology, economic, and international events.  Internal forces for change arise from internal activities and decisions.  Demands by employees, labor unions, and production inefficiencies can all generate a force to which management must respond with change.  Rapidly increasing competition in all areas is driving the need for innovation (Daft, 2016).  One vital area for innovation is introducing new products and technologies.  These new products and technologies, in turn, require substantial changes in virtually every aspect of organizations.

What are some reasons that people frequently resist change?  How have you resisted change? As a manager, how would you deal with resistance to change when you suspect employees’ fears of job loss are well founded?

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