Business Management Two Case Studies

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Chapter 11, 15 (Part 2 Problem-Solving Case)

Answer Questions 1-3 by using direct quotes from the book with each question


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Quality of Services in Fast Food Companies

The article addresses the nature of the services that are supposed to be provided in a typical fast food company. It addresses some of the problems that a customer experienced in a setting that did not provide efficient services.

Question 1

In the fast food industry, among the acceptable services and the principles of operation is the quality of food that is offered as well as the speed at which he food is served. These are the major attributes that correlate the final sales as well as to the satisfaction of the customers. The quality of the service is a reflection of the attributes such as timeliness. This is how fast and conveniently the food is served. Another attribute is accuracy, which translates to the effectiveness of the services that are provided to the customers (Certo page59). For instance, the effectiveness of giving the customer the exact hat they have ordered without mistakes and confusion.

The approachability of the staff to the requests of the customers is another thing that should be considered when assessing the acceptability of the services to the customers. Most importantly is the courtesy which entails the frontline conducts, as well as the politeness of the staff is another thing that should be considered as part of the acceptable services of a fast food company (Certo 58). Another thing that is considered in terms of the quality of the food offered. The fast food industry is supposed it advertise the food quality that they are capable of providing. For instance if the food avert shows that the food order is inclusive of sauces then the same should be reflected when the customer orders it.

Question 2

​ In the same accord, other effects should also be considered especially when the food is take-away. This includes the effects such as napkins and takeaway spoons and forks. How the staff interacts with the customer depicts the productivity effort of the fast food industry. In this case, the services would have been better if the staff serving the customers could do so in a courteous and a more convenient manner. For instance, instance it is unprofessional to be wearing headphones in the work place as this will greatly hinder the ability to communicate effectively with the customer. Productivity in this case would have been better if the supervisor could train the staff on how to rectify the computers in case a mistake occurs (Certo 58). This would greatly save on the time that the supervisor has to be called to rectify the problems. Also, this will improve the quality of services and at the same time improve the overall productivity of the restaurant.

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