Business finance – management pricing component team assignment | Principles of Marketing MKT-301-Ol02 | Saint Leo University


“How do we determine the price of our product?”  The first approach would be to use a cost-plus mark-up approach.  Since you are unable to determine the production/manufacturing costs associated with your product your team will implement two other pricing theory tactics covered in the module. 

The first theory you will be implementing will be competitive price comparison.  In this scenario find other similar types of products.  List 3 to 5 comparison products your team identified for pricing comparison.  State why you picked these products and what the price is for each of the products.  Then state what you believe would be a competitive price for your product.   

Now, reflect on the Product Description assignment and review the features and benefits descriptions.  Using this information establish a possible price point for your product using a value-based pricing strategy.  Support/explain your price point decision. 

Now, based on the above approaches, determine what your final price will be.  State why you picked that specific price.   

So evidently mine was wrong so I attached it so you can see my product and this was the feedback from the professor and it is due tomorrow.

 Overall Feedback

Hi Delvone,

This is your temporary grade so do your assigment in an 3ssay format and use the elements of the assignments to organize your work. I will adjust your score if you do your assignment and post it in the same Dropbox. Thank you.