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Ok, Frist of all, we create a fictional company. 
It’s about this company information:


·  Name: YMPB Automotive

·  Mechanic

·  Based out of Troy

·  Created in 2014

·  We were tired of the slow and poor quality service of other mechanics in troy so we decided to start our own

o  Met in the waiting room of a mechanic

·  10 employees

·  Positions:

o  HR and legal

o  Accounting

o  Marketing

o  Officer manager

o  Mechanics


·  To provide best and fastest mechanical services every day.


·  We aim to be Alabama’s best provider of automotive services and to meet every customer’s needs in a timely and efficient manner.


At the forefront of our business, is customer service and efficiency. This is reflected in our service of automobiles. We hire the best in the industry and consistently adapt in a growing market. Through these things, YMPB Automotive will be Alabama’s leader in automotive services.

And also according as yesterday you write paper—code of ethics for mechanics, Answer the following three questions. I will use it for my presentation.

  • The history or back story of the company
  • The purpose, vision, and mission statements and the reasoning behind them
  • A description of the process the team employed for creating the Code of Ethics

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