Bus 637 final presentation | Business & Finance homework help

Prior to beginning work on this final presentation, review the material presented in the EI Games Presentation Skills Course and the assigned readings for Weeks 1 through 6.

During the past six weeks, the roles of the intrapreneur and entrepreneur were described and analyzed. There are significant differences in the skills needed to succeed in either role; however, there are common skills required for each.

In your audio PowerPoint presentation,

  • Analyze 10 skills that are common to both an intrapreneur and the entrepreneur.
  • Identify key competencies needed for the entrepreneur and intrapreneur.
  • Determine how these competencies apply to organizational success.

For this class, the final presentation will apply toward Folio. Be sure to upload your presentation to Folio once you have completed it and share a link in your submission in addition to uploading it to Waypoint to be graded. Learn more about Folio, Ashford’s ePortfolio tool, by reviewing the Folio Quick Start Guide (Links to an external site.). Review the Folio Best Practices Guide (Links to an external site.) to learn more about how to add projects to Folio.

The Intrapreneur and the Entrepreneur Analysis final presentation