Briefly explain the concept of the agenda funnel

Policy: Poverty

Addressing: Poverty in the African American community

Answer following questions


2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following: 

  • Briefly explain the concept of the agenda funnel. 
  • Why is context important when advocating for change to decision makers? 
  • Using the social problem you identified earlier in the course, explain how the 10 issues Jansson outlined are important when trying to activate change regarding the selected social problem. Provide 2–3 sentences for each of the 10 issues
  1. Timing  
  2. Coupling  
  3. Framing and finding a title  
  4. Negotiating and bargaining  
  5. Assembling early sponsors and supporters  
  6. Routing  
  7. Media coverage  
  8. Setting key endorsements  
  9. Coalition building  
  10. Building momentum 

Be sure to incorporate any sources you found related to your selected social problem using standard APA format