Brexit case | Management homework help




1. In August 2016, Brian Wheeler and Alex Hunt of the BBC News published an article entitled “Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU.” The article is available at: 

2. After you have read the article, answer the following two questions:

a. Provide a brief summary of main points of the article.  (Approximately 150 words.)

b. Identify and discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of the Brexit. How do the advantages and disadvantages you have identified relate to what you have learned in “Refresher Notes #3”? Be sure to include specific terms and concepts from Refresher Notes #3 in your answer. (Approximately 350 words.)

3. Submission Instructions:

a. Answer the case in a Word doc.  The paper must be turned in as a Word doc attachment in the Brexit Case Analysis Dropbox link in Blackboard. 

b. Answer all questions using complete sentences. Points will be deducted for using a bulleted/numbered list format. NO BULLETS!!!

c. Please number the question you are answering.  Include your name, Panther ID, and the case title on the title page of your paper.

d. The paper should be approximately 500 words (total) excluding the title page and questions.