Bibliotherapy and expressive therapies activity

 Please use attached example to complete parts one and two. Please do not copy the attached example

Part One: Bibliotherapy

Select  a children’s book that explores a subject related to terminal illness,  death, grief, or loss and write a book review. Record a video of  yourself reading the book aloud. You may borrow a book from a local  hospice/children’s grief center or library instead of purchasing.

Write a book review that includes:

  • A brief summary
  • Your  critique as it relates to bibliotherapy (would it be a good book to  recommend, are there special considerations or adaptations you would  need to consider, etc.)

Part Two: Expressive Therapy Activity

Prepare a handout describing an expressive activity that can be paired with the book you chose in Part One. Include:

  • Title of activity
  • Primary age group
  • Time needed for activity
  • Materials list
  • Space needed
  • Restrictions and precautions
  • Detailed procedure with original photos of steps and finished project
  • Adaptations and variations (materials and procedure)