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Case Study: Information Technology & Media Bible 12

Directions: Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups to complete a response to a case study provided to them below. Students will:

  1. List at least ten key details that they notice within the scenario and what they think they mean (1-2 sentences each)
  2. Respond in 4 paragraphs (at 6 sentences each) with the steps they would take in response and why they would choose those actions. Students must justify each action response with evidence from the scenario and scripture to support their response.
  3. List five things from the case study that do not need to change or be addressed, and why they think that is.

All answers must be in the students own words. I will utilize a software to verify that no plagiarism has taken place in the completion of this case study. This is due by the end of class

  • International Students: Respond to the following in the provided Discussion assignment under the Assignments tab by Thursday at 11:55pm [California Time]


You recently had the chance to meet a new girl that has started attending the college ministry at your church. Your relationship has begun to grow, so she agrees to meet you for coffee. In your conversations with her, you discover that on one hand, she is a seemingly normal college student who just began her senior year. On the other, however, she is a popular blogger covering events at Fashion Weeks around the world and partnering with top brands through her blog. Thanks to her booming online presence, she has 17-hour work days that are needed to keep both halves of her life, school and her blog, alive. She informs you that she is so busy that by the time she was a sophomore in college, she was already wrestling with exhaustion and anxiety, both of which seem to have gotten worse. “I am sort of in the spotlight because I have a blog,” she said, “and while I can’t always peel myself out of bed to go to class, I always make sure to peel myself out to go take photos for my daily post. After all, I want to do my job well! People are counting on me!” Allison has always struggled with her weight, and she realized that she had the opportunity to show the world what she wanted to look like, not what she actually looked like. After all, nobody reading her words online could verify the images anyway. “As long as they see me as successful and beautiful, it will inspire them to achieve the same for themselves. In a way, I am helping them by showing them a good model that matches the model I present in my blog.” You can tell that she is obsessed with body image and she even shows you an app that she uses to air-brush pictures of herself before she posts them online. As she describes how she sees herself verses how her readers see her, you sense some self-loathing that has recently led to self-harm because she mentions things such as skipping meals and maxing out credit cards to buy new clothes. She clearly doesn’t have an emotional outlet in place for what she is experiencing with her online self-image either because she is “too busy to make friends, let alone hang out with them.” Recently since your first meeting with her over coffee you see online that a reporter captured an image of Allison while she was shopping for groceries, and has made a post comparing the images in her blog with who she was in reality. His post has since gone viral. You see many people verbally bashing her for being a liar and are even telling others to not read her words online anymore. You have tried to get a hold of her, but all of your calls have gone to voicemail and although you can see that she has seen your messages, she hasn’t responded to any.