Benefit Plan Powerpoint

Benefits Plan Presentation

This is an opportunity to create a “dream” benefits plan for a fictional company. Although the costs of offering benefits is a substantial consideration for any employer, for the purposes of this assignment, please make the assumption that costs are not an issue. Each student should begin his or her presentation with an overview of the company/organization as a starting point. Specifically, the name of the company, its mission statement, and a general overview of the company.  Students may use public companies and/or government agencies as sources.

Standard Requirements:

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The presentation must be visually appealing, have a light background, and dark lettering. Clip art, graphs, charts, etc. are acceptable. However, these visual elements must be relevant or complement the presentation and not be used as fillers.
  • Large blocks of text are not permitted. Slides must be organized in a fashion that is easily readable. The use of bulleted lists for the presentation of text is recommended. Font sizes and styles must be appropriate for a professional, business presentation.
  • Text of the presentation must include parenthetical citation, in appropriate format, and matching the reference slide(s).
  • The Reference slide(s) must be formatted according to APA documentation style.

Additional Information:

See chapter 15 of the text for reference.

The benefit plans of at least 2 public companies and/or government agencies must be researched and used as sources. Company or government agency information must be documented according to APA documentation style parenthetically and on the References slide(s).

  • Prepare at least 2 slides covering Legally-Required Benefits
  • Prepare at least 2 slides covering Retirement-Related Benefits
  • Prepare at  least 2 slides covering Insurance-Related Benefits
  • Prepare at least 4 slides covering other benefits (be creative, remember this is a dream benefits plan)

Grading Elements:

  • Thorough overview of the benefit plan and the required slides 
  • The presentation is visually appealing and pictures and clip art are used to complement the topic being presented
  • At least two public companies and/or government agencies used as sources for the presentation
  • Parenthetical citations included and formatted according to APA documentation style
  • References slide(s) is formatted according to APA documentation style
  • Spelling, grammar, and writing style

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