For this assignment, you need to read the Merck River Blindness case (attached file)  The Sorrell College of Business requires you  to answer 2 questions :

1/ Think about the definition of stakeholders — any parties with a stake in the organization’s actions or performance. Who are the stakeholders in this situation? How many can you list? On what basis would you rank them in importance?

2/ If you were the senior executive of Merck, what would you do?

Start with question 2: If you were the senior executive at Merck, what would you do? Answer that question using a framework for ethical decision making I listed below. By using the framework, you will answer question 1 when you have to determine who the stakeholders are as a part of the ethical decision making framework.You must write your analysis in essay format. 

You will be graded on quality of information, mechanics, considering and identifying stakeholders, choosing a course of action and your analysis.  Be sure to sufficiently explain your analysis using the framework. You are also required to cite to at least three external sources.  Use the APA format for citations.

+ Eight Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making

Gather the facts

Define the ethical issues

Identify the affected parties

Identify the consequences

Identify the obligations

Consider your character and integrity

Think creatively about potential actions

Check your gut


You just need to do Gather the facts and Define the ethical issues. 

Write about 2 pages and no plagiarism. 

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