Assignment a-4 | SOCIAL WORK | Stephen F. Austin State University


For this assignment you must do a thorough Analysis using the (ANALYSIS MODEL)

I will send you Pdf of the Analysis model!! 

ON THE PDF YOU WILL SEE PAGE NUMBERS 126-133 top left it explains 

(Analysis Model)

**Also, I will send you my chosen policy “EVERY STIDENT SUCCEEDS ACT (ESSA)

thorough analysis of the chosen policy. “EVERY STUDENT SUCCEED ACT “Your analysis should be in the format suggested by the Analysis model and based on your knowledge of the policy process and linkages between policy formulation, implementation, and impact on client systems. 

The Analysis should be based on one of the following models – ANALYSIS Model (McInnis-Dittrich), In addition to the criteria included in the chosen model, PLEASE include the following:

An evaluation of the policy’s importance to and impact on:

a. Diverse client populations

b. All client systems including individuals, families, small groups, communities, and organizations

c. Implications for social work practice

d. A discussion of the policy’s congruence with social work values and ethics 

The final paper should be structured as follows:

1. Introduction (5pts)

2. Literature review (Part 1) (10pts)

3. Justification for your choice of policy (Part 2) (5pts)

4. Matrix and narrative of (Analysis Model)  (Part 3) (10pts)

5. Analysis of the policy

a. Analysis using chosen model (30 pts)

b. Importance and impact upon diverse client populations (5pts)

c. Importance and impact upon all client systems (individuals, families, small groups, communities, and organizations) (10pts)

d. Implications for social work practice (5pts)

e. Congruence with social work values and ethics (5pts)

6. Conclusion (5pts)

The paper will be evaluated based on its adherence to the above guidelines, as well as the following criteria:

1. Adherence to chosen framework

2. Demonstration of working knowledge of the analysis model

3. Thoroughness and competence of your analysis and critical thinking skills

4. Demonstration of adequate knowledge of the chosen policy

5. Proper writing skills (APA style), well organized, clarity of presentation (10pts.)