Assignment 2: victim advocacy | CRJ 127 | Pikes Peak Community College



In this assignment, you examine an investigator’s response to victims.  Victim assistance is now an important part of our criminal justice system.  Most states even have Victim Rights legislation to ensure a victim is supported throughout the process. 


There are two options for completing this assignment (choose one) either: 1) create a PowerPoint or, 2) a written paper on the topic.

  1. Begin by reviewing the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance Guide.
  2. Based on our Exploration, who is the main victim?
  3. Who would be the secondary victims?
  4. What rights would the family receive based upon Colorado law?
  5. You can use either MSWord or PowerPoint to complete this assignment.
  6. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font and double-space, a two-page summary if you choose the written paper option.
  7. Use proper APA formatting for citing your source(s).