Assignment #2 | Computer Science homework help

You are required, but not limited, to turn in the following source file:

Requirements to get full credits in Documentation

The assignment number, your name, StudentID, Lecture number(time), and a class description need to be included at the top of each file/class.

A description of each method is also needed. Some additional comments inside of methods (especially for a “main” method) to explain code that are hard to follow should be written.

New Skills to be Applied

In addition to what has been covered in previous assignments, the use of the following items, discussed in class, will probably be needed:

Primitive Data Types
Basic I/O
Conditional and Loop statements

Program Description

Assignment #2 will be the construction of a program that reads in an unspecified number of integers from standard input, performs some calculations on the inputted numbers, and outputs the results of those calculations to standard output. The numbers could be delimited by any kind of whitespace, i.e. tabs, spaces, and lines (Note that if you use the Scanner class, you do not have to worry about these delimiters. They will be taken care of). Your program will continue to read in numbers until the number 0 is entered. At this point, the calculations will be outputted in the following format:

The minimum integer is 0
The count of even integers in the sequence is 1
The sum of negative integers is 0

This means that using all numbers your program reads (including the last number 0), you need to compute the minimum, count how many even integers (can be divided by 2, “num%2 == 0”) are in the sequence, and compute the sum of negative integers (are less than 0).

Note that the above is an output for the first test case. For other test cases, you will have different numbers.


Do not prompt to query for the numbers. The number 0 is included in the sequence of integers and should be included in all of your calculations.