As a school administrator or public relations director, management homework help

After reading through chapters 2 and 3, please respond to the following questions:

1. As a school administrator or public relations director, you need to know the power structure of the community.  What three types of power structures would you try to identify? How would you do that?

2. How does the power structure in the community affect the school system?

3. At a school board meeting, some citizen presented the results of a public opinion poll and said that this is what the pubic thinks about a school issue.  What question would you ask to determine if the results of their survey are valid and represent the thinking of the community?

Watch Video

The Harlem Children’s Zone

After watching the short video clip showcasing the Harlem Childrens Zone

1. What is your general opinion about the Harlem Childrens Zone and Mr. Canada’s work in Harlem?

2. Identify specific ways that this organization made connection with families and the community overall.


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