Article/film response about neoliberal globalization

you can watch/read one of the films/articles listed below and then submit a page-long response about it. In this response, discuss in one-two paragraphs what the film/article teaches about neoliberal globalization.


1. China Blue 

2. The Constant Gardener 

3. Up in the Air 

4. Zeitgeist Addendum 

5. Life and Debt 

6. If you can find a copy of it, Sweet Crude (

7. The Corporation 

8. Dirty Pretty Things 

9. El Norte 

10. Babel

11. The Cup–if you’re a Buddhist and a soccer fan, this is the movie for you! 

12. Black Gold (the one about coffee:


1. The Americanization of Mental Illness by Ethan Watters (2010), New York Times.

2. The Hypocrisy of ‘Helping’ the Poor by Paul Theroux (2015), New York Times.

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