Applied sciences signature assignment/reflective paper

Cooper, Heron & Heward (2019) &Mayer, Sulzer-Azeroff & Wallace (2022)

Signature Assignment:  In this assignment, you will identify and dissect a behavior that you have observed in your placement.  Complete the template, and then write a reflective paper that includes information from your reading to tie in observed behavior with Skinner’s principles of radical behaviorism. 

When completing the template, you must make an academic argument supporting your responses by citing to your assigned readings and other learning activities.

Part 1

Behavior: (describe the observed behavior)

Stimulus class:

(Describe and use your readings to justify)

Response class

(Describe and use your readings to justify)


(Describe and use your readings to justify)

Explain how each of the following applies or does not apply to the behavior above. Use your reading in either Cooper or Mayer to justify your responses.  Give examples to illustrate the principle. 

Positive Reinforcement:

Negative Reinforcement:

Positive Punishment:

Negative Punishment:

Automatically mediated:

Part 2: Reflective paper on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Please fully address each of the 2 prompts. Use your course readings and learning activities to support your assertions. 

Prompt A:  How does dissecting a behavior inform your practice in terms of creating and maintaining learning environments for academic and behavioral success? Please cite at least 3 references from your course materials.  This response should be 1 to 1.5 pages double spaced.

Prompt B:  Thinking as a radical behaviorist, create an environment based on Skinner’s principles using 3 part contingencies.  Include at a minimum 3 specific examples of how you would apply Skinner’s principles in your fieldwork. Please cite at least 3 references from your course materials.  Please do not recycle Discussion Board posts used in the course.   This response should be 2-3 pages double spaced.