Analysis the sustainability case study

I need to do power point 7 slides about the case studywith speaking notes 

Slide1:introduction (brief explanation of the case), outline the purpose and structure of the presentation 

Slide2:Introduce the single sustainability issuethat you will be focussing on and discuss the ethical dilemma faced by the company with respect to this issue and the potential impact(s) on stakeholder generally.

Slide3 and 4: identify all stakeholders, then use 2 appropriate model(s) justify this selection and identify the stakeholders that you think are most important to engage with on this sustainability issue (key stakeholders). Explain how you selected these stakeholders and critique the strengths and limitations of this approach. 

Slide5: Analyse how the organization currently manages these stakeholders with respect to this sustainability issue and the potential problems and/or opportunities created by this approach. Building on the findings of this stakeholder analysis, identify and justify strategies for managing and ethically engaging these stakeholders around the sustainability issue. Explain the model(s) used to identify the strategies and how they respond to the ethical dimensions of stakeholder management. 

Slide6: CONCLUSION: Recap the main points of your presentation being careful not to just list what you did but rather focussing on what it means for the company and its approach to dealing with its stakeholders.(some recommendations to solve the issue)

Slide7:REFERENCE 3 references using APA style

the attachment are the case study and the details of the assessment