Analyis solution | English homework help


1. Sharon would like to know how much gas will cost for her to take a round trip to her vacation home 180 miles away. She knows that the average price of gas and the average miles per gallon for her car. 

Develop a solution (analysis and flowchart) to compute and display the cost of the gas.

2. Set up the following equations in the computer form:




3. Evaluate the following equations, given A=5, B=2, C=True, D=False 

a. R = A + 3 > B – 1 AND C OR D 

b. R= NOT C OR D OR A – 3 B

c. R= NOT (A < B) AND (C OR D)

4. Construct the truth table for each of the following:

a. R =  (A OR B) AND NOT C

b. R =  (A AND B) OR NOT C