Agency overview | Social Science homework help


Assignment Instructions

5 pages American literature. 12pt times New Romans. APA. Citation within 5 years of publication and input in-text citation. Absolutely no Artificial Intelligence input. Due 9/13/23

Use the template in the Agency Study media piece to complete the following:

· Brief history of Counseling Service of EDNY (CSEDNY Rebuild. Renew. Recover)

· Express the primary funding the agency received.

· Explain 3 social issues that are addressed by the CSEDNY.

· What is the general field of social work that the agency practices.

· Discuss the services provided by the agency. Talk about how the agency provide service to advance human rights and also how they promote client systems intervention.

· What is the role of the social workers at CSEDNY

· What community services are offered to address similar problems that the agency seeks to address?

· Identify community partners that work alongside the agency to support its service delivery (for example, church, civic organizations, community boards etc).

· Explain how the agency evaluates the effectiveness of its outcomes.

· Explain the sources of data (types of services provided, client surveys, financial reports, number of services provided, et cetera) the agency employs in its annual report, presentations, or report to funding stakeholders.

· Describe the diversity in the agency among staff, board, volunteers, and administrators.

· Describe the skills and qualifications you would need to become a social worker in the agency.