Agency interview | Sociology homework help

You need to select a social service agency which interest you. Call and explain the purpose of your assignment. Ask for an appointment to come to the agency and interview either the social worker if they have one on staff or the director of the agency. If they give you short responses, use your probing skills and ask them to elaborate more to get details you need to write your report.

Agency Questions

  1.  What is the mission statement, the goals, and the objectives? What is the purpose of the agency? 
  2.  What is the history of how the agency started: when was it started, why was it started, what need did it intend to meet? 
  3.  What programs are in place; list the name of each one and explain what their purpose is.
  4.  What services are provided?  
  5.  Who are the clients served? What is the eligibility requirements? Ask the  specific population served such as statistics on  racial makeup, income, ect.
  6.  What is the funding base of the agency? What entities supply monetary resources for the agency? Any new changes or foreseen changes coming in funding? 
  7.  What is the hierarchy of administration? If they have an organizational chart this would be best to ask for it. Who oversees the work of the agency? Is there a board? How do they make decisions? Who is involved in planning? 
  8. What other organizations are involved with the agency? who refers clients? Who assist with resources? To whom does the agency refer clients to? What agencies does this agency network with and collaborate with? 
  9.  What are the current issues or needs for the agency?  What are its strengths? What are its weaknesses? Could more clients be reached?
  10. What are the future plans for the agency? 
  11.  What improvements could be done with the agency?
  12. What community involvement does the agency do throughout the year? For example public education presentations.
  13. Does the agency promote community planning or any level of macro intervention for change?

If they have a brochure about the agency ask if you can have one. This will give you further insight to what they provide for clients.

Double space your typing. Provide a cover sheet.

For the introduction, provide a paragraph to name and describe the agency that you interviewed as well as the person whom you interviewed.

Use the questions for the interview as your outline. Bold print the question. Then under it write a healthy in-depth  paragraph for the response to the question. 

After the interview questions provide a paragraph for each of the following:

  1. Your experience at the agency itself; Assess the physical condition of the agency. Was it clean? Was the building new/old? Describe its setting.  How did staff treat clients? Did they respect client privacy with names and identity information appropriately? Did you feel welcomed there? Treat your experience as if you were a client coming to this agency. How would you feel? 
  2. Identify and explain at least three key textbook terms that describe the agency in how it is organized and provides services.
  3. Conclude with what you specifically learned from the visit and identify some strengths and weaknesses you see in this agency.