Activity 7.1 | Psychology homework help


For this homework assignment, I would like you to use Piagetian concepts to design a classroom setting. 

You should identify : 

  • The age of child you think this would work best with 
  • What Piaget stage the child is in
  • Describe two things that you would do in the classroom 
  • Describe how you are using Piaget’s concepts in your design

Example: (Note, this only is discussing one thing that I would focus on, object permanence. For full credit I would need one more design element and link that to Piaget’s concepts)

I am thinking about designing a daycare center for very young infants that are in Piaget’s sensorimotor stage (ex. 4-8 months old). At that time, they should be able to reach for toys, but do not yet have full object permanence. Thus, I would keep toys within reach for the infant that I want them to play with and hide things I do not want them to play with. For example, all outlets should be covered and hidden. However, toys that are safe for infants (ex. teething rings, soft cloth dolls) would be kept within reach and uncovered.