a research paper relative to the scholarly study of creativity, creative thinkin


Undergraduate level work is unacceptable.

It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to adhere to the following SPECIFICATIONS.

Process Paper: Each student is responsible for writing a research paper relative to the scholarly study of creativity, creative thinking, or a published creative problem solving process. 

1.   My paper has two sections choose one is better for you:

a.  Section One is titled,   ” (the title is the topic I chose to research): (cite the specific topic as the sub­title) justifying statements via sources compiled through research of published literature.

b.  Section Two is titled, “Critique”: the process or content you researched (this is not a book report, do not critique sources utilized)

2.  I have measured the margins of my paper and NO page has an upper, lower, or side margin that exceeds 1 inch.

3.  My paper consists of a minimum of 6 pages, double-spaced, 12 font, typed pages using AmericanPsychological Association (APA) format, and cited all references accordingly.

4.  NO PRONOUNS were used in the writing of my paper.

5.  The subject of my research paper is listed within the accepted topics matrix presented in the course syllabus.

6.  I have used a minimum of 6 research sources which may include both popular and professional, scholarly or technical sources.

a.  At least three of the cited sources must be from professional, scholarlyor technical sources.

b.  All of my sources have been published in hard copy and may or may not have been published on the Internet.

c.  You are encouraged to visit “Creativity Based Information Resources”(CBIR) via the web at www.buffalostate.edu/orgs/cbir.

d.  Internet sources will not be accepted. Go to a library. 

e.  Only original sources ofpublications will be accepted as referenced materials.

Grading criteria for the TYPED paper include the ability to demonstrate a clear understanding and application of creative theories, a clearly specified and developed topic throughout, a firm relationship between references and the selected topic, inclusion of thoughts on how the ideas discussed might have a personal application to the writer’s life, clearly written and easily understood text, the required number and type of outside references. (Pronouns are acceptable within the “Personal Application” section of the paper)


Subjects researched MUST be relative to the topic of creative problem solving. Following is a listing of documented creative thinking and/or change methods or processes. You may research any one of the following methods/process as the subject of your process paper. ONLY topics found in the matrix will be accepted unless specifically cleared by the instructor.

Coaching in Business

Wallas’ Problem Solving


Creative Problem Solving


Goal Setting




Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats and CoRT

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Open Space Technology


Value Engineering


No Strategic Planning


Sociodrama and Role Playing

Visualization and Imagery

Theory of Constraints

NO Project Management

No “Leadership”

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