6 pages of Summary and Theory Application, management paper help

This class is a graduate level courses named Leadership in Management, so Undergraduate level work is unacceptable.

After you bid this order, Make sure you can finish it on time.

Read Chapter 14. Team Leadership.pdf, and then prepare a reading summary.

This summary should help people better understand the specific theory of Chapter 14, but the primary focus should be on how the theory can be utilized to become a better leader. In other words, focus on the practical application. You should avoid merely describing the information in the chapter as everyone will have already read. Your paper should help people understand how to apply this theory in real life.

No other reference source needed.

6 pages, APA format, 12 front size, double space, margin size each side 1 inch.

Following the list below to write a summary:

1.Comprehension and Understanding (53%)

a)Clear understanding of theory

b)Understands how theory relates to leadership/power/influence

c)Understands strengths and weaknesses of theory

2.Application of Theory (27%)

a)Goes beyond description of theory toward application

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