6.3 discussion questions | Management homework help


Complete the required reading for the week and respond to two (2) of the reflection questions below (unless you are doing the interview). The response should be at least 500 words in length, roughly 250 words per question. Use proper APA citation, which should not be part of the word count.


  1. Interview a leader and share with the class of this person’s knowledge in negotiation. What did you observe about their skills? What concerns did you have about this person’s negotiating skills? What were the positive aspects of their skills? (If choosing this option, no other question is required) – 500 words
  2. Mnookin discussed negotiation strategies in chapter eight, “Disharmony in the Symphony”. Summarize the strategies used to create a peaceful solution.
  3. Without disclosing names, share with the class a personal experience involving family negotiation. Refer to chapter ten, “Sibling Warfare”. Did the negotiation end with a positive result? If so, explain the strategies used. Did the incident end with a negative result? If so, provide the reason why.
  4. Scan the Internet for articles on negotiation and share your findings with the class. Perhaps, you will find other strategies that will be beneficial to our discussions. Use proper APA for the resources you utilize.