4 dq questions that requires 1 paragraph and 1 resource for each

1. Review Arizona’s approach to integrated and targeted English language instruction. How do ELLs benefit from both types of instruction? In assessing yourself, which type of instruction would require more professional experience or knowledge for you to provide effectively and why? 1 paragraph 1 resource
2. In your teaching career, you may have students in your class in all language proficiency levels. How would you differentiate activities to ensure you are engaging all students while continuing to meet their individual language goals? How will you support a student at a pre-emergent/emergent level and continue to challenge a student at a high intermediate language level? 1 Paragraph 1 Resource
3. When assessing ELLs, teachers must use a variety of assessments in order to get the most accurate snapshot of academic and language progress. What are some ways grade level or content area teachers can assess students in the classroom to include all four domains of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)?  1 paragraph and resource
4. While the assessment of students for program eligibility and language proficiency generally occurs through formal testing, what are some informal ways you can assess the learning of ELLs in the classroom? Provide 2-3 examples. 1 resource and paragraph