3-page essay about Leadership and Change, management homework help

Case 2: BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010

The analysis could include an assessment of British Petroleum’s management strengths and mistakes, as well as, a recommendation of what BP should do next.  What went wrong at BP?

There is plenty of information in this lengthy case.

Basic format and content:

  1. Use double spacing, page numbering, one inch margins, and turn off the right justification.
  2. Use 12 point Times New Roman font in Microsoft Word or an equivalent sized font.
  3. Dividing the case analysis into subsections with appropriate titles is allowed.  Do not skip pages or half pages between subsections.  There should not be any large blank spaces in a 3 page case.
  4. Begin with title page that includes the author’s name, student number, and course number.  This will not count as one of the three pages of text.
  5. Is important for any document of this length to be well-organized, concise, and all text is relevant to the case.  Do not waste any writing on restating information from the case.  To keep the case to three pages, please stay with analysis of the case leaders, followers, and situation.  This assignment is an application case analysis and therefore, no references should be included.
  6. The case analysis must be completed in Microsoft Word software.  Writing the case using any other word processing software must be translated into MS Word prior to turning-in the assignment.  Assignments in any other format turned-in at the last minute will be considered late and will receive a penalty


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