21st Century Supply chain technologies

This assessment task requires you to construct a research essay on a particular topic specified below.

In this assessment you will be expected to demonstrate your developing competency in satisfying the following learning objectives:

  1. identify the underlying principles and assumptions underpinning global logistics and supply chain management theories
  2. research the global logistics environment with a view to identifying trends impacting the global logistics and supply chain processes
  3. apply innovative theoretical and practical models to solve logistics issues, ensuring a proper balance between people, profit and planet (triple bottom line) with a view to alleviating human suffering
  4. analyse global logistics and supply chain issues affecting a particular firm or a group of firms demonstrating cultural sensitivity and ethicality.

The topic that you will base your research essay on is:

21st century supply chain technologies.

Your research essay is to be 2000 words (not including References page), and should follow an academic structure for research essays. You will use the following structure and components: 

  1. Introduction.
  2. Discussion.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. Referencing (must be in Harvard style with a minimum of different academic references).

The research essay should broadly discuss technology in supply chain management, before discussing 2-3 specific technologies in greater detail. Your research essay will examine current academic literature, and should discuss the role of technology in modern supply chains, provide a number of specific examples of what technologies are in use today and how the application of these technologies has changed the way organisations interact with each other.

Assessment criteria

  1. Introduction.
  2. Your ability to identify and successfully address the key issues.
  3. Conclusions.
  4. Evidence of research and accurate Harvard referencing.
For High Distinction:
Introduction is clear and comprehensively states the purpose of the essay. Concisely introduces the main points for discussion in the order they will be presented.

Excellent address of key issues and comprehensive discussion.

Analysis and critical evaluation of 21st century supply chain technologies are well supported by relevant scholarly research and references.

Essay is sophisticated and insightful.

Superior conclusions drawn from relevant analysis.

Clearly and comprehensively demonstrates the ability to draw together ideas and summarise key points of discussion.

Makes use of multiple research.

Sources are sound, current and acknowledged.

Exceptional rigor and adherance to Harvard referencing guidelines.

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