Topic 4: death, dying, and grief

How often do you engage with or witness death in your work? How has this experience or the lack of it shaped your view of death? Has it gotten easier or harder for you to accept the fact of death? As you explain, include your clinical specialty.

Reflect on the analysis of the sin of suicide and, thus, euthanasia from the topic readings. Do you agree? Why or why not? Refer to the lecture and topic readings in your response.

Short answer questions for a reading

Need this book to complete assignment:

Kaarbo, J & James Ray. Global Politics (10th Edition)

I can provide book if you can not find it online.


Read chapter 8 and answer following questions:

1) Discuss any examples of cooperation or free-riding not covered in the text. 

2) Considerations of the role of weapons and defense in cooperations. 

3) Is this clash collective action problem of individual vs. group interests the same at the global level as it is at the national level?

4) Any interesting thoughts/comments/questions regarding this week’s topic and readings.

Leadership and conflict management | Human Resource Management homework help

 Create a 6- -slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, reflecting on  Conflict Resolution Remember to add speaker notes to support your main points. Speaker notes should be a minimum of 60 words per slide.

Answer the following questions in your presentation:

  • What were your choices for managing the conflict on your team?
  • What conflict resolution strategies did you employ to encourage collaboration and build consensus within a team? Are these strategies something you typically employ when confronted with a conflict? Why or why not?
  • How can you keep all employees on your team engaged? Provide examples.

Provide a rationale for the stock that you selected, indicating the


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Assignment 1: Financial Research Report

Imagine that you are a financial manager researching investments for your client. Use the Strayer Learning Resource Center to research the stock of any U.S. publicly traded company that you may consider as an investment opportunity for your client. Your investment should align with your client’s investment goals. (Note: Please ensure that you are able to find enough information about this company in order to complete this assignment. You will create an appendix, in which you will insert related information.)

The assignment covers the following topics:

•Rationale for choosing the company for which to invest

•Ratio analysis

•Stock price analysis


Write a ten to fifteen (10-15) page paper in which you:

1. Provide a rationale for the stock that you selected, indicating the significant economic, financial, and other factors that led you to consider this stock.

2. Suggest the primary reasons why the selected stock is a suitable investment for your client. Include a description of your client’s profile.

3. Select any five (5) financial ratios that you have learned about in the text. Analyze the past three (3) years of the selected financial ratios for the company; you may obtain this information from the company’s financial statements. Determine the company’s financial health. (Note: Suggested ratios include, but are not limited to, current ratio, quick ratio, earnings per share, and price earnings ratio.)

4. Based on your financial review, determine the risk level of the stock from your investor’s point of view. Indicate key strategies that you may use in order to minimize these perceived risks.

5. Provide your recommendations of this stock as an investment opportunity. Support your rationale with resources, such as peer-reviewed articles, material from the Strayer Learning Resource Center, and reviews by market analysts.

6. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

•Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

•Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

•Critique financial management strategies that support business operations in various market environments.

•Analyze financial statements for key ratios, cash flow positions, and taxation effects.

•Review fixed income strategies using time value of money concept, bond valuation methods, and interest rate calculations.

•Estimate the risk and return on financial investments.

•Apply financial management options to corporate finance.

•Determine the cost of capital and how to maximize returns.

•Formulate cash flow analysis for capital projects including project risks and returns.

•Evaluate how corporate valuation and forecasting affect financial management.

•Analyze how capital structure decision-making practices impact financial management.

•Use technology and information resources to research issues in financial management.

•Write clearly and concisely about financial management using proper writing mechanics.

Why does anton kriel want to do this interview?

I mention in the topic that the purpose of the interview is not trading nor money but “wider issues”.  Could it be that Kriel is concerned with the lack of freedom and independence that young people enjoy, ironically, in the freest society and economic system in history?   
Why does Anton Kriel want to do this interview?  The video is less about trading and the “narrow issues” of respecting money, assets and liabilities, alternative education, mainstream media, etc. and more about “wider issues”.  What are these “wider issues”?  Which one of the ten “secrets” do you find most useful and how could you apply it to your life?  Please answer these questions and explain your answers.  Also quote from the video.

When you read the topic you’ll notice I’m asking you to respond to the interview and to write about yourself in connection to the video’s content.  Don’t be afraid to write about yourself nor to use the word I. 

Discussion: identifying pi opportunities | Science homework help

Discussion: Identifying PI Opportunities

1515 unread replies.1515 replies.

You are presented with the following mini-scenarios:

  1. Community Hospital’s HIM department does not have enough space and has set up all coders to work from home. Now, when coders have questions about a case, need to e-mail each-other rather than discussing it in person, often leads to miscommunication and inconsistencies in coding.
  2. Dr. Smith enters new medications in the e-Prescribing system, asks the patient to confirm the preferred pharmacy and, and advises the patient that the medications will be ready for pick up in a few minutes.
  3. Recently, the HIM department decided to use offsite storage for some of the older records. Ana works only on the weekends and is not aware of this change. As per ER request, she is looking for a patient record and cannot find it. 
  4. When a patient with suspected pneumonia is admitted, it is expected that blood cultures and a chest X-Ray are done right away. This assures quicker and more accurate diagnosis or confirmation of diagnosis.

 (1) identify the performance improvement opportunity; (2) determine whether the issue is mostly related to a structure or process aspect or the interaction between the two; (3) explain the performance measure you would focus on along with the data you would collect; and (4) any benchmarks you would follow.  

Week 6 – assignment: evaluate and understand routers

In this assignment, you will research routers by analyzing their functions in a network. You will accomplish this task by writing a paper that includes the following:

  • Compare and contrast bridges, routers, and switches. Be sure to include the network layers involved and data delivery assurance.
  • A diagram of a ten-node network that uses ten routers. The network may not be a fully interconnected or star network.
  • The routing table for each node in the network.
  • A scholarly discussion using several technical articles on possible routing algorithms.
  • A recommendation for the appropriate routing algorithm for your network.

Support your paper with a minimum of five (5) scholarly or technical resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 6 pages not including title and reference pages, PLUS any relevant diagrams

Blog 3 | Science homework help

Watch the video below.  Then, answer the following questions: Had you heard of the DASH diet before? Do you have a history of high blood pressure in your family or do you suffer from hypertension?  Even if you answer no to both, the best way to cure disease is to prevent it all together, so how can you incorporate the DASH diet in your daily eating to prevent or treat hypertension? Offer your classmates a recipe that would meet some of the goals of the DASH diet utilizing several food groups and do provide the recipe.  Make sure you also provide the resource or the link of your recipe. After you have written your post, provide feedback to 2 of your classmates. Remember to read the guidelines for writing blogs before you write your blog so you can get the best score on the assignment. 

Stop Hypertension with the DASH diet

INTRUCTIONS:  Give your blog a title that the reader cannot resist.

2. Start with an introduction that grabs the reader’s attention.

3. Answer the questions, share your experience and deliver advise.

4. Close with a Motivational Bang

5. Polish your paper: Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation, justify your margins, double space, use a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman #12.

6. Cite information, provide a reference using APA style. Remember to reference the video the blog is based on and your book, if you use it.

7. It is a Blog so writing is expected.  Don’t just add a link with one sentence; this is not blogging.

8. Do not use bullets or numbers.  Make sure your blog has an introduction, at least 3 supporting paragraphs and a conclusion that renders advise to the reader.

*Papers without references will automatically receive a grade of a D.

Do your best!

Discussion: integrating the research process

About 15 years ago, before evidence-based practice became a standard to which to aspire, a professor found an article describing a treatment program for substance-abusing African-American women that incorporated their children and aimed to preserve their families. The program was built around principles of African-centered theory. The professor thought the program appeared well designed and heartily urged students to study the article and possibly find ways to imitate the program ideas, if not the program itself. A few years later, the professor, having continued her education, especially in the area of research, searched for a follow-up on the program, perhaps reporting outcomes and evidence of effectiveness. No research evidence on the program appears in the scholarly journals. In fact, no evidence that the program continues to exist at this time has been found. The fact that what appeared to be a promising practice approach did not endure or have the opportunity to benefit from evaluation is unfortunate.

Note: This week you will work as a class to create a plan for evaluating the rite of passage program described in the assigned article. Each member of the class will be assigned one step of the research process:

1.Research problems and questions
2.Finding and using existing knowledge
3.Focused research questions and research hypothesis
4.Research methods
5.Sampling issues and options
7.Data acquisition
8.Data collection instruments
9.Analyzing data
10.Disseminating research findings

To prepare for this Discussion, read the Poitier et al. study and then revisit what you have learned about your assigned step of the research process. Consider what would be the most important information to share with your colleagues about that step. Together the class will create a research plan for evaluating the rite of passage program described in the assigned article.

Required Readings

Poitier, V. L., Niliwaambieni, M., & Rowe, C. L. (1997). A rite of passage approach designed to preserve the families of substance-abusing African American women. Child Welfare, 76(1), 173–195.
Retrieved from Walden Library databases.