2 peer reply technical versus non-technical | ENGL 2338 | University of Texas at Arlington

 reply to two peers with responses of 50 words each 

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For your next major assignment, you will be tasked with writing a  technical object description for an audience who is unfamiliar with the  object, so you will need to think of items that might be considered  technical objects. Some good examples for  that assignment include a clock radio, a digital thermostat, a Roomba, a  CPAP or BIPAP machine, a blender for a food processor.

For  this discussion, you will be discussing various aspects of writing a  Technical Object description. For this assignment, you will create your  initial post and then respond to two of your peers. In your initial  post, you need to answer the following questions in narrative form.

  1. What characteristics make the above items technical objects?
  2. What is the difference between a technical and a non-technical object?
  3. When  writing a description of a technical object, would it be more important  to use subjective language (big, short, ugly, beautiful) or objective  language (18 inches tall, painted red, square base?)
  4. What  technical objects do you use in your work/life that you are familiar  with and could describe to someone who is not familiar with it?