2.2 group discussion: participation invitation


  1. Goal is to create an invitation (email or script) (My goal is to prepare audit for Solar manufacturing company who uses SAP tool) to use to secure a professional partnership for this communication audit project. Be sure to discuss specific communication strategies and the reason for choosing them. You should also understand how to explain the primary research tools involved in this project. 
  2. The invitation should include the following:
    1. who you are and why you are doing this?
    2. an explanation of the audit process (including timelines and tasks).
    3. a description of the benefits to the business/organization. What will they get out of it?
  3. Once you have a consensus on the invitation tool, use it to ask your potential partners to participate in the audit. Your goal is to have a partner secured by the end of the workshop.  When you do, please post who your partner is on the discussion board.  
  4. The discussion board should provide evidence of accomplishing both Task 3 and Task 4 by the end of the workshop.

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