150 words and 2 drawings



question 1. When describing a system, explain why you may have to design the
system architecture before the requirements specification is
complete.= 150 WORDS

question 2. Draw diagrams showing a conceptual view and a process view of the
architectures of the following systems:
An automated ticket-issuing system used by passengers at a railway station.
A computer-controlled video conferencing system that allows video,
audio, and computer data to be visible to several participants at the
same time.
A robot floor cleaner that is intended to clean relatively clear
spaces such as corridors. The cleaner must be able to sense walls and
other obstructions.

question 3. Assume that the Mental care system is being developed using an
object-oriented approach. Draw a use case diagram showing at least six
possible use cases for this system.


Use this website to draw. It will be simple and easy for you.  https://creately.com/app/?tempID=gc7qvpsj1&login_-type=demo#.

APA formatted