1. watch any movie. find 2 screen shots with relevant 2d/3d design


1. WATCH ANY MOVIE. FIND 2 SCREEN SHOTS WITH RELEVANT 2D/3D DESIGN FEATURES. WRITE A CAPTION THAT EXPLAINS THE DESIGN HISTORY REFERENCE. ( This one is not a presentation. It’s a little paper. You’d better to tell me which movie you watched and also show me the screen shots.)

2. 3 MINUTE Design Genealogy. (In this part, I will upload another file, which is a good PRESENTATION example of design genealogy. For this Design Genealogy, you need to make a ppt. about 7-9 pages and a paper of research. All those work must included the source. (You can’t do Apple products any more.) ) I prefer to do a Teddy Bear genealogy. If you think it’s difficult, you can change for another one you think is better.