1. does this paper sustain a coherent point of view? why or why

1. Does this paper sustain a coherent point of view? Why or why not?

2. Could the readability, clarity, or style of this paper be improved? How?

3. How smoothly does this paper integrate examples into its own argument? Does it clearly illustrate connections between the evidence it cites and the ideas they support, or does it merely assume them? Explain.

4. Could the writer of this paper have omitted certain passages to make this paper more concise? if yes, which ones?

5. Scan and spot the paper for the any of the following problems: jargon, colloquialisms, informality, cliches, and wordiness. Give a few examples of these problems, if they exist.

6. Does the paper adhere to proper format, grammar, mechanics, organization, and fluency?